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for 200hr yoga alliance certified teachers

Please read first.

1. Submit form below. (Note: the text disappears when you start writing). 


2. Enrollment requires a $1200 deposit. $444 is non refundable because you gain access to the course. 

3. You agree to make 2 more installments Oct 15 and Nov 15 based on our sliding scale of $$3200- $3800. 


A request for sliding scale is if your houseshold income is  $45,000, consider paying $3200 and add $100 for every additional $5000 household income after that).


10% -25% of your tuition will fund your local yoga mentor, studio or

fund scholarships for students actively serving marginalized communities. 

Donations are also deeply appreciated to support all our outreach efforts. 

We are sincerely looking forward to knowing more about you through your reflection here, and in the journey ahead!

Application for full 300hr 
We are so delighted that you are called to join us!
Thank you!

We are so delighted that you are called to join in!

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