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  the inner terrain

is deeply personal

 and profoundly universal

this is the journey

of coming home

300hr Women's YTT 

(Y)our Body of Knowledge

(if you are already a student of faculty,

partial attendance may be possible - inquire)



  •  Intentions (personal practice, professionally, collectively and societally) 

  • Solidarity, Union and Yoga

  • Koshas, Chakras, Granthis, Nadis

  • Alters, Ritual and Aligning 

  • 8 limbs & tools to cultivate the Eden inside

  • Gravity, fascia, asana, bhandhas, & pranayama

  • Chanting (Gayatri, Bija, and Maha Gayatri)




  • Foot, Knees, Leg, Pelvis Bones, Spine Bones

  • Asana, gravity, passageways

  • Standing and balancing poses

  • Your foundation (sangha &  potential partnerships)


Crown & Ajna

Crown and Ajna 

  • Endocrine System, consciousness, Vagus nerve

  • Brain, Spinal cord and peripheral nerves

  • Gross and subtle spine movement and pathways (Shushumna, Ida, Pingala, Nadis)

  • Time: past, present, future & timelessness (death, reincarnation, infinite eternal & whole)

Blood marten-bjork-725296-unsplash.jpg



  • Lungs, Circulation

  • 4 chambers: sadness/grief, fear, anger and love

  • Arms & Arm Balancing, Mudras and Metta

Spiral ryan-searle-305683 copy.jpg



  • Speech, Mouth, Tongue, Caverns

  • Neck as responsibility & limitless language

  • Chanting

  • Articulating vision

Flying Lanterns


  • Organ Allies

  • Contribution and Collaboration




  • Ancestor clearing & claiming power

  • Enoughness, Service, Solidarity, Stillness & Gratitude



Second Chakra

  • Pelvis ~ Hammock, Kidneys, Bladder, Flowers

  • Belly down and floor postures

  • Circuits, conductivity, creativity, kumbhakas

  • Life as Lover

Guest faculty & mentors


Grace Jull


MS degree in Anatomy Education from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Kripalu School of Massage & Yoga trainer
Brenda Feuerstein 2020.JPG

Brenda Feurstein

Translator & Teacher

Mudra, Goddesses, Sacred sexuality, tantra, Buddhism, social, political, and ecological awareness, translations of ancient text

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.51.25

Nadine McNeil

Universal Empress Catalyst

Jamaican-born global humanitarian, storyteller and yoga instructor with a relief management career  with  UNICEF and the UN. 

(Y)our Body of Knowledge
A women's  300hr Yoga Alliance
leadership  training
On & off the mat
yoga leadership training
Deepening your online & live curriculum & contribution through advanced meditation, asana, bandhas, mudra, 
and embodied anatomy
based on the chakras,
fascial chains & visceral cavities 

Key Intentions

  • understand principles about how areas may be affected by mindfulness & movement (stretch, pressure, fulcrums, changing relationship to gravity, force or range of motion)

  • understand tools yoga offers to potentially stimulate stillness, movement or integration into areas of mind, body and spirit. 

  • experience and explore teaching yogic tools to access & integrate our greatest potential using:

    • asana

    • pranayama

    • bhandhas 

    • meditation

    • mudra

    • mantra

    • chanting

    • fascial chains

    • embodied anatomy

    • family tree clearing

    • Maha Gayatri Mantra to each part of our body and world

  • gain experience in online and live 1:1 and group classes and workshops & develop online content through peer feedback and powerful visioning

  • strengthen, as a professional, our ability to witness ourselves & another, to ground into the moment, to bracket what arises in us when we are in a professional role, & to independently source our own support system for effective integration

  • refine our on & off the mat understanding & expression of anatomy & a full range of yogic tools 

"After a thousand sun salutes, 

​I thought, 

there has got to be more to this..."

                          ~a former chakra intensive student

Sept - Dec 2020
Feb - April 2021



every Saturday                 10am - 1pm EST

every Tuesday                   6pm - 9pm EST   

8 alternating Sat & Sun   10am - 6pm EST          


Plus some potential/flex peer & faculty classes  M, T, F, Sun


Video, reading, peer teaching, class and business preparation

Participants lead a full range of experiences from meditation and chair yoga to advanced asana. 


We discuss principles together. You will have ample space to integrate & apply these principles to your own yoga style & service within your community. We will also benefit tremendously from peer feedback to get input on your craft & contributions. 


If you register with a Friend before Jan 5

the second tuition is 1/2 off.​

Early Bird until Jan 5 $3200 

After Jan 5 $3800

(previously $4800)

10% -25% of your tuition will fund your local mentor or

scholarships for students serving marginalized communities. 

Donations are deeply appreciated to support outreach efforts. 

We encourage you to be compassionate in assessing if you have the resources inside and out

to undertake a full intensive

or whether it is more compassionate

to put focus and finances elsewhere

during this complex time.

Save Our Studios (SOS)

If you own a studio, you may be interested in an online outreach opportunity where you promote to your community and receive:

  • a  % of the tuition

  • the possibility of mentoring your community's small group if <10 students enroll

  • staff or diversity participant discounts or work exchange for the following programs:

    • 300hr YTT

    • Foundational 200hr Anatomy


Partnering has offered some studios a surge of support

to help see you & your community through.

Please email

if you are interested in finding out more and

supporting this initiative. 

Save Our Studios

Come inside

Come home

My Intention for These Courses is to

build An online Community Temple...

what intention of yours can we fulfill   together?


Deepen my focus, practice & presence

Letting go & realigning


Peer Feedback while producing powerful fresh content

More ways to serve

& feel supported

Love Letters 

from Life



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