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It's time

It is an honor & joy that you are here. 

If after exploring, you have not found a way to be involved, 

please submit any requests or suggestions here & hopefully the right door can open.  



Join in creating an online temple

to expand community, consciousness & curriculum 

that is large enough

to integrate the many layers & lessons we are living. 

Join other teachers, healers, artists, & activists 

to explore & express our collective potential. 

My Intention for These 2020 Courses is to

build An online Community Temple...

what intention of yours can we fulfill 




Deepen my focus, practice & presence

Letting go & realigning


Peer Feedback while producing powerful fresh content

More ways to serve

& feel supported

Love Letters 

from Life




Discover (y)our most current & collaborative

Body of Knowledge 

For details, scroll down...

Sept - Dec 2020
Essentials: Sept - Oct
Learn the inner terrain 
of root, crown, 3rd eye 
& Heart.
Applied: Essentials plus the full 300hr certification
On & off the mat
yoga leadership training
Deepening your online & live curriculum & contribution through advanced meditation, asana, bandhas, mudra, 
and embodied anatomy
based on the chakras,
fascial chains & visceral cavities 
Sept -Oct 2020
with other creators 
Root, Crown, 3rd Eye
through memoir
meditation in motion
& insightful
non - judgmental 
creativity to expand our consciousness
Nov 2020 - Feb 2021
Chakra based
collaborative inquiry with women leaders to
explore (y)our power 
pleasure & purpose now
with Brenda Feurstein, Nadine McNeil, 
Jess Frey, Susan Marrufo Jovinna Chan & Grace Jull

Guest faculty & mentors

Brenda Feuerstein 2020.JPG

Brenda Feurstein

Translator & Teacher

Mudra, Goddesses, Sacred sexuality, tantra, Buddhism, social, political, and ecological awareness, translations of ancient text

roger 2.jpeg

Roger McKeever

Queer Yoga Church Founder

Inspirational teacher, artist,  storyteller, adventurer, spiritual activist, &  sacred tremor yoga visionary. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.51.25

Nadine McNeil

Universal Empress Catalyst

Jamaican-born global humanitarian, storyteller and yoga instructor with a relief management career  with  UNICEF and the UN. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.08.01

Jovinna Chan

Conscious movement monk

Teacher of conscious dance, yoga, & meditation. Co-founder of Shakti Initiation with Grace Jull. She will teach  the Path of Love.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.16.01

Laura Ahrens

New School of Yogic Arts Founder

Uniting traditional yogic philosophy and modern perspectives on practice

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.30.20

Susan Marrufo

Shaktima & Samarasa Founder

Living life beyond the confines of her cultural conditioning & delving  deeply into esoteric tantric philosophy

Jess Bio Photo.jpg
Jess Frey
Embodied Art & Awe catalyst
 Yoga educator, life coach, and artist @
Grace Jull
MS degree in Anatomy Education from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Kripalu School of Massage and Yoga trainer

(Note: A nominal application processing fee is used to filter bots.)


300hr YTT 

(Y)our Body of Knowledge 

a chart summarizing dates can be found below

Essentials (partial): clarify our embodied essence


Applied (full):  hone your understanding of yogic tools (300hr Yoga Alliance Certified)

In Essentials, you will learn about the Garden inside

In Applied, you will refine yogic tools that can cultivate the garden

This rare online yoga leadership intensive 

will offer expansion & alignment, inside & out.

When practice shifts from personal improvement

to profound intimacy and potent conductivity

with all of Life,

Prana is enjoyed and alive no matter what is occurring.

We live as a mountain amidst changing weather, inside and out. 

And our 7 chakras become gardens adorning our world. 

With this alignment, collaborations, contribution, compassion and creativity can flourish, inside and out.





Sept - Oct

For those who want depth with a shorter time commitment

4 chakras in 3 sessions ( Root, Crown, Ajna, and Heart)


Tuesday evenings #1        advanced anatomy & philosophy 


  • movement meditation integrating anatomy, experience and embodiment

  • art or journaling about your insights, on and off the mat

  • more dialogue about the intersection of mind and matter to clarify your insights

Tuesday evening #2         more integration

Tuition: $444

space conditional on #of full Essentials + Applied full 300hr participants

and first come first serve $10 non-refundable application

so apply to do both if you can!


APPLIED: essentials plus...becoming a full Yoga Alliance 300hr certified teacher


Sept - Dec

All 7 chakras

Small group discussion every other week to apply the knowledge to teaching (Thurs pm if this works for folks)

Sunday: full day of applying the knowledge to your practice and teaching using different yogic tools

You will become skilled at online and live 1:1 and group classes and workshops.

Because the peers in this training offer a full range of yoga from meditation and chair yoga to advanced asana, many of movement experiences are self-guided.  We discuss principles together and you will have ample space to integrate and apply these principles to your own yoga style and service within your community. We will also benefit tremendously from peer feedback to get input on your craft and contributions. 

The immersion offers expert education

combined with many hours of cultivating YOUR insights, voice, stillness and skills 

to teach, collaborate and be in this world. 

Applied skills:

  • Limitless expression of yogic tools to access & integrate our greatest potential in:

    • asana

    • pranayama

    • bhandhas 

    • meditation

    • mudra

    • mantra

    • chanting

    • fascial chains

    • embodied anatomy

    • family tree clearing

    • Maha Gayatri Mantra to each part of our body and world

  • Respect and expansion as a creator through many opportunities to teach & get feedback from peers & mentors

  • Skills and a systematic structure to build your own online teaching platform


Opportunities: Be more skilled & deliberate in offering your own online or in person 1:1 or group classes and workshops with clarity about your potential & community partnerships.


"After a thousand sun salutes, 

​I thought, there has got to be more to this..."

                                 ~a former chakra intensive student

Full Applied 300hr schedule & tuition

every Tuesday 6-9:30pm EST                       starting Sept 22

7 alternating weekends                                starting Sept 26 - Dec 20, 2020

small groups 6-9:30pm EST bi-weekly        starting Sept 24

28 peer & faculty sadhanas + feedback      starting Sep 23


Sliding scale $2400 - $3800 (previously $4800)

We understand many are facing economic challenges with Covid. 

If you would like to be considered for scholarship or internship options, please indicate on your full or partial participation application your  experience or intentions to collaborate in creating yoga outreach to marginalized communities.

A general suggestion for sliding scale is if your houseshold income is  $45,000, consider paying $2,400 and add $100 for every additional $5000 household income after that).


10% -25% of your tuition

will fund your local yoga mentor, studio or

fund scholarships for students actively serving marginalized communities. 

Donations are also deeply appreciated 

to support all our outreach efforts. 


Save Our Studios (SOS)

An online outreach partnership promoted to your community where the studio receives

  • a  % of the tuition

  • the option of mentoring your community's small group if <10 students enroll

  • staff or diversity participant discounts or work exchange for the following programs:

    • 300hr YTT

    • Women's Immersion

    • Embodied Art  

    • Foundational 200hr Anatomy


Partnering has offered some studios a surge of support

to help see you & your community through.

Please email

if you are interested in finding out more and

supporting this initiative. 

Save Studios

Details about the Applied 300hr


Week 1: Foundations

  •  Intentions (personal practice, professionally, collectively and societally) 

  • Solidarity, Union and Yoga

  • Koshas, Chakras, Granthis, Nadis

  • Alters, Ritual and Aligning 

  • 8 limbs & tools to cultivate the Eden inside

  • Gravity, fascia, asana, bhandhas, & pranayama

  • Chanting (Gayatri, Bija, and Maha Gayatri)

  • Limitless Language (Embodiment, Art, Words, Touch, Intent)



Week 1: Root 

  • Foot, Knees, Leg, Pelvis Bones, Spine Bones

  • Asana, gravity, passageways

  • Standing and balancing poses

  • Your foundation (sangha, community, potential partnerships)


Crown & Ajna

Week 2: Crown and Ajna 

  • Endocrine System, consciousness, Vagus nerve

  • Brain, Spinal cord and peripheral nerves

  • Gross and subtle spine movement and pathways (Shushumna, Ida, Pingala, Nadis)

  • Time: past, present, future & timelessness (death, reincarnation, infinite eternal & whole)

Blood marten-bjork-725296-unsplash.jpg


Week 3: Anahata

  • Lungs, Circulation

  • 4 chambers: sadness/grief, fear, anger and love

  • Arms & Arm Balancing, Mudras and Metta

Spiral ryan-searle-305683 copy.jpg


Week 4: Throat 

  • Speech, Mouth, Tongue, Caverns

  • Neck as responsibility & limitless language

  • Chanting

  • Articulating vision



Week 5: Second Chakra

  • Pelvis 2 – Hammock, Kidneys, Bladder, Flowers

  • Belly down and floor postures

  • Circuits, conductivity, creativity, kumbhakas

  • Life as Lover

Flying Lanterns

Week 6: Manipura

  • Organ Allies

  • Ancestor clearing and claiming power

  • Contribution and Collaboration



Week 7: Onwards

  • Enoughness, Service, Solidarity, Stillness and Gratitude

Draft of schedules for Essential, Applied and Embodied Art.

Changes may occur and final schedule will be included with your registration 


Key intentions for Essentials:


This course trains participants in the following:

- understanding the spatial location and relationships of key anatomical structures in the body

- understand principles of how an area may be affected by mindfulness & movement (stretch, pressure, fulcrums, changing relationship to gravity, force or range of motion) 

- understand principles about how an area of the body could potentially hold current or previous imprints of experience 


Key intentions for Applied advanced training:

- understand different tools yoga offers that could potentially stimulate stillness, movement or integration into areas of mind, body and spirit. 


- strengthen, as a professional, our ability to witness ourselves and another, to ground into the moment, to bracket what arises in us when we are in a professional role, and to independently source our own support system for effective integration


Full Schedule.png

Women's Embodied Leadership


Nov 2020 - Feb 2021


Women's Embodied Leadership Immersion

Nov 2020 - Feb 2021

This gathering supports established leaders

to reflect & recharge.

Re-aligning (y)our power, pleasure, & purpose during these transformational times.

Space is limited and applicants are selected based on previous and current community collaborations.

We will contact everyone on the waitlist Oct 1 about if you have secured a place in this years program Nov 2020 - Feb 2021. 

tuition: $444 - $1080

We understand many are facing economic challenges with Covid. Please email if you have one year experience providing outreach to marginalized communities and would like to apply for a scholarship or work study subsidy.


A general suggestion is if your houseshold income is  $45,000, consider paying $444 and add $100 for every $5000 after that).  


10% -25% of your tuition will fund your local mentor, studio, or scholarships for students actively collaborating in creating outreach with leaders in marginalized communities.

There will be optional space to cross-pollinate with each other in small group shares, service or project collaboration. 


Brenda Feurstein: Goddess', mudra, 

and translating sacred text from a feminine perspective

Nadine McNeil:



Susan Marrufo: Self Inquiry & Love, Sex and Death

Grace Jull: The specific and sacred circuits of estrogen and inter-connection

Jess Frey: Divine Creation - Art as Transformation

Jovinna Chan: The Path of Love

You: Embodying your insight and offerings

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 12.17.08

Embodiment, Art & Awe

A community container
to cultivate consciousness & creativity
with Jess Frey & Grace Jull
Cost: $108
Orientation Wednesday Sept 23 7-8:30pm
Root                            Sept 26
Crown & 3rd Eye  Oct 10        9am - 12:45pm
Heart                          Oct 24
Jess Bio Photo.jpg
art intro



9-9:50am EST        Memoir Journaling                  EXPERIENCE

Meditative prompts support reflection on this week’s chakra and theme. You decide the span of time that you want to focus on, whether it is the past few months, or the full span of your life. 


10-11                       Meditation in motion on       EMBODIMENT


We will be joined by the 300hr yoga teacher training and together we will be led in a meditation on embodying the anatomy & experience. 


11-12:30                       Create                               EXPRESSION


Participants will leave the zoom meeting and enter their own sanctuary of creativity. Using any medium you choose (collage, paints, movement, music) you are offered a sacred space to immerse into your reflections. 


12:30-1 approximately            Silent Share            WITNESSING

Optional: re-joining zoom to silently share your art without commentary from yourself or others - let creation speak for itself. 

A glimpse of what informs Grace's approach to learning, living and Love.
Bali ruben-hutabarat-VvJ0DL_PLR8-unsplas
Bali ram-H1detkeKIDw-unsplash.jpg

I am grateful for all that I learned

teaching over 3000 students at Kripalu and internationally for 20 years.

But my yoga and life transformed when I stepped 

off the mat and into 

six winters in rural Bali,

the sole Hindu island in Indonesia.


Traditional Bali is a timeless prayer

of interconnection and gratitude. 

I am clear

I was given only a glimpse

of Her ancient wisdom & blessing. 

With humility,

these courses are an echo

of making alters inside, 

to say thank you and I love you

to our wholiest home. 

Bali taller Picture1.jpg
bali aron-visuals-lh6cxuDOS8s-unsplash.j
Mountain Range

Fascia dissection

& Hotsprings Aquatic bodywork & Integration

  • 1 day anatomy review and yoga prep to ground

  • 4 days in Boulder as part of a larger dissection intensive

  • travel 3 hours to Steamboat Springs to enjoy 3 days of integration which will include an individual aquatic bodywork session with Grace and yoga practise and dinners together.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.12.04
Free Activist Integration
 for those experienced in
Yoga & Meditation 

Free Online Classes

Fridays 12-1:30


Within an advanced yoga leadership training,

Grace Jull will be guiding a master class

in inspired self-directed flow

to support activists in

integration and alignment, 

inside and out.

This is part of an online temple

she aspires to create one day

as embodied leadership sanctuary

pop-up in major cities. 


To support embodied love in action

for all ages

through art, mindful movement

& inspired collaboration, inside & out.  



Please share. Preregistration required



Sep 25    Root                 Environment,  refugee, homelessness 

Oct 9       Crown &                                                                     Caregivers 

 3rd Eye         (teachers, parents, hospice, ministers)

Oct 23     Heart                                     Global equity, justice, prison

Nov 6      Throat                                    Artists, organizers, litigators

Nov 20   Swadhi            LGBTQ+, pleasure, reproductive rights

(Nov 20 Reg by invitation only)  

Dec 4      Solar Plexus                                    Food security, farming

A ZOOM LINK will be sent a week before the class. register using the button below
activism gayatri-malhotra-TIq6pg_rh3w-un

preregister here for the  Friday Sept 25

12-1:30pm EST

ROOT activism integration

preregister here for the  Friday

Oct 9

12-1:30pm EST


 activism integration

preregister here for the  Friday

Oct 23

12-1:30pm EST


 activism integration

preregister here for the  Friday

Nov 6

12-1:30pm EST


 activism integration

preregister here for the  Friday

Dec 4

12-1:30pm EST


 activism integration

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 11.51.49
Perhaps enjoy a few rich breaths
and a pause
before exploring further
Below is a summary we can email to you 
if you are interested in sharing these gatherings with friends, your studio or your communities. 
luke-lung--r1eIv1Jdvs-unsplash 2.jpeg

Workbooks in progress

2020 is calling me to synthesize years of teaching & my 2019-2020 studies at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 

Presale and small sample are available now. 

And your support of the projects 

offers accountability, groceries and inspiration

to keep writing these love letters to & from Life. 

root reflection immersion

daily cues

emailed to you for a month

(Y)our Body of Knowledge: 


Affection & Awe

Inspiration & Guided Self-Reflection 

Presale for 2021 release



for other e-memoir reflection immersions

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