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your love of yoga

inside & out

ease, experience & inspiration in

delivering online content

Increasing prosperity

increased referrals

& word of mouth

deepen your practice

presence & potential

compassion & union 


inside & out

Love Letters 

from Life

More ways to serve

& feel supported


Grace's Anatomy

has trained over 3000 

yoga, massage therapy & health professionals

in integrative advanced courses

online & in person.


inspires 200hr ytt's with:



intro to chakras

Advanced modules illuminate:

       gross  &  subtle anatomy

psyche  &  structure     

        somatics  &  early development

embryology  &  aging                 

western systems  &  regional connections

full potential  &  pathology           

School Testimonials

What happens to your school & students

when students rave about learning foundational anatomy?

When yoga, union & awe

 is central to every facet of your YTT curriculum?

Over 3000 students have found unforgettable insight

curiosity & confidence

through Grace's Anatomy courses...

We would love to talk

and explore how 

yoga & anatomy 

can support you,

your school

& your community, 

inside & out

Grace's Anatomy

If you are inspired to learn more, please reach out and

see how we can support you.

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