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Grace's Anatomy

has trained over 3000 

yoga, massage therapy & health professionals

in integrative advanced courses

online & in person.

Based on a regional approach to the body

we understand interconnections, 

 through an experiential & scientific journey

illuminating spatial, functional, developmental & somatic collaborations

within each body cavity.     

Grace's Anatomy integrates:

       gross  &  subtle anatomy

psyche  &  structure     

        somatics  &  early development

embryology  &  aging                 

western systems  &  regional connections

full potential  &  pathology           

Join our

September 2020


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Logos all final.jpeg


"Grace Jull's transformational understanding of gross and subtle anatomy is the most holistic approach that I have studied.

Her scholarship, depth &

ability to meet students where they are

makes Grace one of the top anatomy teachers in the world"

 Brenda Feurstein

~ Director & Author ~ Traditional Yoga Studies  Translator & authority on ancient yogic texts

Knowing Prana's
Collaborative Power
Engaging Meditation, Practises &
the Art of Teaching



I'm (y)our body.

I'd really love to know each other more deeply.


Where Mind & Matter Meet
Meditation & Creation

"One of the most powerful trainings I have ever taken" 

Erich ~ Former Burmese Monk

Grace’s Anatomy is an integrative embodied education

focusing on human potential 

as well as pathology. 

Traditionally, books like Grey’s Anatomy

focus on taking apart sick or dead bodies. 

Grace’s Anatomy focuses on


embodying &

befriending (y)our body as a

profoundly powerful & collaborative field of consciousness.

Shifting from object to subject,

dissection to integration…

Countless students have come up to me years after they studied with me,

and share that  this curriculum forever changed their experience,

inside and out. 


This education in embodiment is a birthright.


We hope you join us and step inside. 

Donations help support

the development & publishing of resources,

conference presentation cost

and offers invaluable wind under our collective wings. 

Thank you for considering ways to support this work. 

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