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Growing up hiking for days deep in the Canadian Rockies

instilled a deep love for the subjectivity of the natural world

– listening to how each place is a community of consciousness, ever changing. 


Teaching gross and subtle anatomy feels similar –

traversing our interior landscape of mountains, rivers

and the migrations of mind

that unite and differentiate each of us

through different eras of our life,

from conception to death.


Teaching therapeutic yoga, massage and anatomy cross culturally,

whether it was in Inuit communities in Northern Canada with Cirque du Soleil,

in Japan

or in the women’s yoga leadership training I co-founded in Bali…

each opened new doorways to what is universal and what is exquisitely unique.


I hope your calling

for more understanding, embodiment and awe can be enriched

by what is offered here.


Please be in touch if these resources can serve you and your community. 

Adjunct Professor


Leslie University & Kripalu Institute for Integrated Leadership

Saybrook University 


2006 - 2008  

Course: Users Guide to the Body

2013: Co-taught Course for Mind Body Medicine PhD in Exercise, Movement & Health

USA Conference Presenter


Harvard Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency

Georgetown University Achieving 

Optimal Health Conference


2013: Yoga Therapy : talk and practise

2015: Realizing the Heart's Full Potential

USA con't



International Yoga Therapy Association

New England College of Osteopathic Medicine: Integrative Medicine Symposium 

2015: Yoga & Meditation Association Class

2018: Metaphor as Medicine: Culturally Relevant Yoga with Inuit Communities

2014: Fascial Chains

2013: Heart as an Organ of Perception

International Presentations

Tokyo & Osaka Japan

Yoga Australia Conference

Atlantic Canada Yoga Conference

2017: Anatomy Intensives

2018: GPS for Self Soul and Society: A Contemporary Exploration of Gross and Subtle Anatomy

2003 Gross and Subtle Anatomy Intensive

Anatomy Studies

Cadaver & Surgery

  • 2020: Completing MSc in Anatomy Education: Johns Hopkins, including 1st yr medical cadaver dissection 

  • 2018: Unembalmed fascia cadaver dissection with Tom Myers 

  • 2007: Attended hip & knee replacement surgery

  • 2006: UCONN medical school cadaver dissection

Hands On

  • 1997: Massage National Exam


  • 1997- now: Private practice in massage & aquatic bodywork

  • 2002-2009: Faculty Kripalu Massage School


Advanced Studies

  • 2007: Canadian College of Osteopathy: Embryology & Pelvis intensives

  • 2006: Embryology Intensive with Jaap van der Wahl

Grace’s Anatomy is an integrative embodied education

focusing on human potential 

as well as pathology. 

Traditionally, books like Grey’s Anatomy

focus on taking apart sick or dead bodies. 

Grace’s Anatomy focuses on


embodying &

befriending (y)our body as a

profoundly powerful & collaborative field of consciousness.

Shifting from object to subject,

dissection to integration…

Countless students have come up to me years after they studied with me,

and share that  this curriculum forever changed their experience,

inside and out. 


This education in embodiment is a birthright.


We hope you join us and step inside. 

Yoga Range of Experience
  • Intensive training age 8-14 in breath retentions, inversions etc as a junior trainee in the first Olympic Gold Medal  synchronized swimming team

  • Teaching or taking over 100 programs at Kripalu Center as faculty from 1997-2014 in the massage and yoga schools. 

Man Looking Out to the Mountains
Meditation Range of Experience
  • Backcountry hiking for days throughout my childhood in the Canadian Rockies

  • 10 day Vipassana sit

Influential Era Highlights
  • Joined Kripalu Ashram age 24 as it transitioned from an ashram in crisis to a internationally renowned holistic health training center

  • Overcoming two years of chronic pain 

  • Currently pursuing an MSc in Anatomy Education at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Our Mission
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