Grace's Anatomy

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Grace's Anatomy

has trained over 3000 

yoga, massage therapy & health professionals

in integrative advanced courses

online & in person.

This experiential and scientific journey

illuminates spatial, functional, developmental, and somatic collaborations

within each bodily cavity.

Grace's Anatomy integrates:

       gross  &  subtle anatomy

psyche  &  structure     

        somatics  &  early development

embryology  &  aging                 

western systems  &  regional connections

full potential  &  pathology           


"Grace Jull's transformational understanding of gross and subtle anatomy is the most holistic approach that I have studied.

Her scholarship, depth &

ability to meet students where they are

makes Grace one of the top anatomy teachers in the world"

 Brenda Feurstein

~ Director & Author ~ Traditional Yoga Studies  Translator & authority on ancient yogic texts


I'm (y)our body.

I'd really love to know each other more deeply.  

online yoga teacher training
200hr & 300hr
online advanced yoga therapy & health professional
inspiration & resources
in person
conference & workshop

"One of the most powerful trainings I have ever taken" 

Erich ~ Former Burmese Monk

Donations help support

the development & publishing of resources,

conference presentation cost

and offers invaluable wind under our collective wings. 

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